The Making Of...

How To Create The Perfect Bite

You may have enjoyed hundreds of puffs and pastries in the past. But how do they compare to Mak Ees signature curry puffs? Read on and learn about our signatures.

Signature Clamshell
Unlike typical flat-skinned puffs, our signature curry puffs uses the traditional clamshell puff pastry pocket to increase its crispiness.

Lasting Crusts
A good curry puff will always remain crispy and crunchy, even after several hours. This alone already sets us apart from the run of the mill.

Contrasting Content
Delight at the mouthwatering curry chicken filling, its chewy and spicy mix a perfect partner to the crisp and flaky puff pastry skin.

Handmade Tradition
Originating from a traditional handmade recipe, Mak Ee guarantees that every bite you enjoy today carries all these qualities of taste.

Crispy & Flaky
Be careful where and how you enjoy it, because a good curry puff will always leave crispy, flaky bits all over your plate.